Getting Real

Two years ago we moved to Glen Innes in Auckland. It has definitely opened up our eyes to the realities facing some people in unfortunate circumstances. Rather than dwell on statistics I endeavour to see the good in my community and do all that I can to give back.

Being of mixed Pacific and European heritage as well as living in a community where there is a large percentage of Maori and Pacific people I feel it is time to get real in many different ways. From diet to raising children I feel there are many good things we can take from these cultures to better our lives.

One way that I can do this is while at home with a newborn is to make people aware of their encourage people to eat real food. Β Right now I am loving drinking Koko Samoa. I get mine from Pricecutter in G.I, sold behind the counter for $6.00. For those who don’t know it is usually a roundish cone shaped block of cocoa beans that have been mashed into a paste and solidified. Made by simply grating of a couple of tablespoons of the Koko and boiling with water in a pot (add sugar if desired and a touch of cream or coconut cream). I love drinking this first thing in the morning, and have managed to cut down on coffee which is perfect if you are breastfeeding.




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