Real Frugal

As we are on a reduced income at the moment with myself being at home with baby we are always thinking of how we can make savings. Cancelling subscriptions like Sky and Spotify went first, and just recently we cancelled our landline opting to have naked broadband. Of course this is only possible because we have reliable mobile phones and contracts with free minutes.

We created a shopping list that has all the items that are our staples each week and try our hardest not to deter from this list. We dropped buying chicken and pork because we were not willing to go back to not eating free range so cheap cuts of beef ideal for stewing and beef mince are on the menu most nights. Also having a meat free dinner once a week helps – we buy tofu or tempheh (this is around $5.00 from Pak’n’Save) which has become to be a Friday night tradition of green salad with tofu/tempheh with agria potato homemade chips.

Just this weekend gone we planted our vege garden which has been a long time coming. I planted kale, broccoli, lettuce, onion, leeks and beetroot. We fertilise our garden with our compost made from our bokashi buckets that we got through Auckland City Council. We plan to grow agria potatoes too in pea straw which I still have to get around to.


While I am yet to make the switch to reusable nappies I have made a start by making my own reusable wipes by simply cutting up a cloth nappy into small squares and having a spray bottle with water to on hand to wet the cloth wipes when needed. Reusable nappies coming soon…



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