Real Borscht Soup

My vege garden is slowly coming along and beetroot is providing a steady harvest. So I thought I would try something different with the root vegetable other than roasted or grated into salads as I usually do. As a lover of good cooking shows I remembered seeing a Polish chef make Borscht, inspired I decided to give it a go.


Boil potato and beetroot in homemade beef stock, sautΓ© red onions and garlic, then whiz all up in a blender. Put back into sauce pan to heat through, add a squeeze of lemon, serve with a dollop of sour cream.



Real Food Preparation

Sunday has become our day for food prep for the week. With two kids, my partner working full time and studying part time and myself a full time mum and working from home 20 hours a week food prep is essential.

In the two large containers is homemade chicken stock and beef stock. The stock gets used during the week as a base for soups or stews or for a hit of flavour to sauté veg. I got a bag of lemons and apples from family and made preserved lemons and stewed the apples for my baby who will be trying solids very soon. A container of beef mince was made for my lunch for the next few days and for my six year old’s dinner.

Meat consists of stewing meat (see real stew post for recipe) and good sausages from my local free range butcher, both require little preparation.

In the vege drawers is brocoli, carrots, courgettes and kale. Brocoli takes minutes to cook and carrot and courgettes are mostly used grated and cooked in stock as a side to protein. Kale goes in stews as well as with my fried eggs in the morning.

These meals are hardly gourmet but are hearty and nourishing for a busy family.