Real Milk



We have been drinking raw milk for nearly a year now thanks to Nana C, who brings it in from the country every weekend. Aside from the numerous health benefits we receive from raw milk that can be read about here, the flavour is delicious and well – real!

Luckily in New Zealand our cows are grass fed so the milk is from healthy cows grazing in their natural environment. If you have an opportunity to try raw milk I urge you to do so, it’s real and natural just as our grand parents consumed and has sustained nomadic and agricultural societies for thousands of years.

So get out of the city and into the country air and pick up some raw milk on the way, or join a raw milk collective and enjoy the real health benefits of raw milk.


3 thoughts on “Real Milk”

  1. Raw milk is delicious and much healthier. I’m lucky I can buy it at a couple of stores near me, but it’s very expensive. I get it once in a while though. I know I should drink it more often. Maybe I’ll pick some up today πŸ™‚


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