Real Therapy

I managed to finish work a week earlier than expected so today was my first weekday in yonks that I didn’t have to work. While baby was asleep I spent most of the morning in the kitchen cooking and cleaning while listening to a podcast from The Splendid Table. It was so therapeutic to be in my happy zone without having the pressure of work at the back of my mind.  I made savoury scones to take to a zero waste event training workshop that I will be attending tomorrow, roasted fresh macadamia nuts with coconut oil sprinkled with fresh rosemary that I got from my community garden and even managed to help my 7 year old who is home from school today to make a present for a birthday party she will be attending soon.
As I mentioned in an earlier post we are incorporating more indigenous foods into our diet. The other night we had slow cooked beef with potatoes, carrot and puha. Puha is a native leafy green vegetable that was a staple vegetable of the Maori people. It grows in the wild, however, it is hard to find in stores, but it is available at our local market from these lovely ladies (below) who you often see foraging in the neighbourhood.
Morrin Road Markets, Glen Innes
Pictured here is puha, plantains and cassava
Dinner- slow cooked beef with potatoes, carrot and puha 20140910_184421
Puha has a slight peppery taste and is best cooked in a stew, braise or a ‘boil up’ for the last 30 minutes. I have many recipes forming in my head using indigenous foods of my ancestors and with more time on my hands I can’t wait to get into the kitchen.
Happy Real Ancestral Eating x


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