Real Seafood Sunday

The Sunday just gone turned out to be quite a seafood feast. The Morrin Road markets in Glen Innes provided our seafood and fresh produce for both lunch and dinner. My mum bought two whole mullets for $9.50, and we bought a pot of fresh mussles for $7 shelled by this friendly man at the seafood stall.


We also bought fresh cassava, taro and fresh salad greens


For lunch we had whole baked mullet, taro and green salad


And for dinner mussel fritters, cassava and a green salad



The baked fish is pretty straight forward; after cleaning bake with slices of lemon and bay leaves. Ours took about 30 minutes in a moderate oven.

For the mussel fritters I choppped up mussels (about 500 grams) into small pieces, added lots of fresh coriander, some spring onion, chilli flakes, pepper, about half a cup of tapioca flour and fried in coconut oil.

To cook taro and cassava cut off skin, chop into pieces and boil until you can stick a knife easily through.

So healthy, so fresh so good!


5 thoughts on “Real Seafood Sunday”

      1. I can get wild salmon at the grocery store and it appears fresh, but it’s previously frozen. When we first moved here, my husband went salmon fishing and brought some home. That was the best salmon I’ve ever had.


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