Real Recipe For Waste Reduction


Every Wednesday morning our rubbish is picked up by the Auckland City Council, so every Tuesday night we take the bin up the driveway to be put on the curb for collection. Normally we do this without much thought, however last night was particularly interesting as there was only one small bag of rubbish in the wheelie bin. My partner and I gathered around the bin and reflected on our week’s worth of rubbish. This was the least amount of rubbish destined for landfill that we had ever had, and, well we gave ourselves a pat on the back – not bad for a family of four that includes a baby.  So here’s our recipe for waste reduction.




Social Awareness

Respect for the Environment


Eat real food, compost food scraps, grow vegetables, plan meals in advance and buy only what’s needed, recycle, use cloth nappies and cloth wipes, be an ethical consumer.


Every living thing x

Are you doing the best with your waste?


5 thoughts on “Real Recipe For Waste Reduction”

  1. hi candace I’m really really love what you and your family are doing . I’m committed to do more recycling . I already doing composting and gardening so each week i try and do my bit to help environment . thank you so much for posting your ideas . i would love to see your other tips . ta karen .


    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! It’s great to hear from others on the same path. I love being in the garden and hope to do some posts soon on my progress- I would love your feedback and tips. Candace:)


  2. I love this! Who knew cutting back on waste would improve one’s quality of life so much? But it truly does. Since I started paying attention and cutting back on consumption and waste, I feel more connected with the world and more content too.


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