Real Appreciation

I have been meaning to publish this for some time now, but life and general procrastination kept getting in the way. This has led to a new year resolution which I can hopefully adhere to, of a new post every fortnight.

The weather over the holiday period here in Auckland was amazing, we did our usual family Christmas lunch with my side of the family and then on boxing day we headed up to South Head to have Christmas no. 2 with my partners family and to stay on for a few days. We enjoyed a break away from the city and had a chance to reflect on the past year and our journey towards the more sustainable simplistic lifestyle that we have embarked on.

Te Rau Puriri Regional Park . Here Max is getting cockles that were made into a delicious soup with leftover ham from Christmas.

Surrounded by our family and loved ones in such a beautiful setting we were struck by how lucky we were to have the opportunities we do, and the lifestyle we have. While we only have a modest income we are able to live comfortably and provide for our children, Christmas is unfortunately a time when you are reminded there are many who are not so fortunate.

Reduction in material possessions and/or obtaining those you do as hand me downs or from second hand shops may be lauded by some, or given a label such as minimalism, but for many people not having many possessions or purchasing anything new isn’t a goal and doesn’t have a label, its just life.

What we appreciate is that for us its the life we choose.

Happy New Year.



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