Real Month of Work*

So far I have not kept to my new years resolution to post on the blog fortnightly, but I think I may give myself a free pass for the month of February as I have had several waste related projects that I have managed to get through. From my involvement in my local waste reduction community group I have been given opportunities to lead some waste initiatives. With my work* on these initiatives I hope to address sustainability at a grass roots level that is utilitarian and accessible to all. Here are some photos of this month’s work*:

Tomato sauce making workshop
Our stall at he Kulture & Kai Market Day in Glen Innes

These projects are low cost and utilise materials that would otherwise go to waste. Also, I am not a natural leader, nor am I particularly good at getting up in front of an audience, but I am learning and building up my confidence each time. So, if you feel that you would like to lead/facilitate/host any community projects – just do it! If I can you can!

And finally, I’m quite proud of this – the website that I created using squarespace for my community group is now live. Please check it out!

*doesn’t feel like ‘work’, just talking the talk while walking the walk


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