Goat farming isn’t for everyone

When transitioning to zero waste you become aware of all the things that you can make for yourself in order to remove packaging from your home. When I was transitioning to zero waste I experimented and tried to make many things from scratch. It’s now been over a year since my family began zero waste and I have figured out that there are some things that I can do without, or are easier to buy.


I have never made soap and I am not likely to do so in the near future. A store brand of unpackaged soap is available from Huckleberry Farms and you can buy The Eco Store soap there too which is also unpackaged. I used to make hand wash and dishwash liquid which was simply grated soap and water. Now we do without the DIY liquids and clean pots and pans with baking soda and vinegar and hands and body with an old school bar of soap.

Ria’s Natural Health Soap. An online order delivery.

I also like using shampoo bars for my hair ( I also use baking soda and vinegar ). They are great for travelling as they are small and double as a body soap. Shampoo bars can be bought unpackaged from Lush stores, I get mine from Ria’s Natural Health Soap – great prices and amazing variety.


Homemade sourdough – recipe from Michael Pollan’s book ‘Cooked; A Natural History of Transformation’.

I love home-made bread, especially sourdough. I have made it in the past and have had pretty good results. When making sourdough it is a 2 day process (excluding the time to grow the initial bug), which requires some close attention.

We decided making sourdough or bread made with yeast is not worth our time and effort, especially as the kids don’t really eat much of it, nor is it a staple of mine or Max’s diet.Β However, I do still occasionally buy it to keep in the freezer for visitors or the odd occasion when the kids do feel like it. Our local bakery makes a nice wholemeal loaf and they are used to using my cloth bags.

Our local baker Rachel from ‘Four Seasons Bakery’ on West Tamaki Road.


Dishwasher Powder

I tried a few recipes for dishwasher powder but found they often required more ingredients than I was prepared to use or yielded poor results. We tried for a very short period not using the dishwasher, however the ease got the better of us so we decided to buy dishwasher powder that is available in bulk at Bin Inn.

Cleaning product variety at Bin Inn.


I am always looking for ways to simplify our home life whilst being zero waste. For us it’s a matter of weighing up cost, logistics and practicality. I never want to be guilty of going out of my way in order to prove a point. I’ll leave you with this gem that makes me laugh and I never want to be THAT person.

I stumbled across this on the net, it’s from 2010 author: Magpie Industries, on a discussion thread on producing elektronika music.