3 Olive-y things

It’s olive season hereย in NZ and trees are laden with olives! Since becoming a zero waster it’s hard to walk away from anything that may go to waste. There are many olive trees near where I live, I also have one in my garden. Here are threeย olivey things I’m doing right now.

Preserved Olives


I followed the method found on this blog and have had good results :


  • You will have to soak them for up to three weeks and change the water each day. When you drain off the water use it to water your pot plants.
  • Smaller olives are mainly all pip so find an olive tree that has big fat olives.
  • Preserving olives requires you to slit or prick each one, so getting the bigger olives is a lot easier to do this.
I found a tree up the road that has nice fat olives. I asked before picking of course.

Olive Leaf Tea

Excuse the beetroot juice in the background.

Really simple! Pick some leaves, leave to dry out of the sunlight, this could take a couple of weeks.ย You then put into a processor or a bullet thingee to blend to a tea like consistency.

The leaves will curl and become crispy when dried completely.

Composting the leaves

My neighbour must love that I sweep up leaves from their driveway.

The leaves from olive trees can make a bit of a mess on the ground but are great to use for the brown layer for your compost.

I was invited recently to join a group of people who were given permission to pick olives from an olive orchard and then use their olive press to make oil. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it but it’s good to know that these opportunities exist.

Happy olive season!