3 Olive-y things

It’s olive season here in NZ and trees are laden with olives! Since becoming a zero waster it’s hard to walk away from anything that may go to waste. There are many olive trees near where I live, I also have one in my garden. Here are three olivey things I’m doing right now.

Preserved Olives


I followed the method found on this blog and have had good results :


  • You will have to soak them for up to three weeks and change the water each day. When you drain off the water use it to water your pot plants.
  • Smaller olives are mainly all pip so find an olive tree that has big fat olives.
  • Preserving olives requires you to slit or prick each one, so getting the bigger olives is a lot easier to do this.
I found a tree up the road that has nice fat olives. I asked before picking of course.

Olive Leaf Tea

Excuse the beetroot juice in the background.

Really simple! Pick some leaves, leave to dry out of the sunlight, this could take a couple of weeks. You then put into a processor or a bullet thingee to blend to a tea like consistency.

The leaves will curl and become crispy when dried completely.

Composting the leaves

My neighbour must love that I sweep up leaves from their driveway.

The leaves from olive trees can make a bit of a mess on the ground but are great to use for the brown layer for your compost.

I was invited recently to join a group of people who were given permission to pick olives from an olive orchard and then use their olive press to make oil. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it but it’s good to know that these opportunities exist.

Happy olive season!



4 thoughts on “3 Olive-y things”

  1. Candace, I found this post so inspiring and was wanting to preserve my own olives. I have since spotted so many trees in my neighbourhood including some in a public park! Would you believe one of my best friend’s secretly has an olive tree and gave me a MASSIVE jar of preserved olives for my birthday! I was so excited as she had no idea I had been wanting to do this 🙂

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    1. Thanks Amanda😃 I have been eating my preserved olives and they are amazing. I’m going to marinate some once they have done their time in brine. Would make lovely gifts. The tea is very good too, since green tea is hard to get zero waste. It’s meant to be good for the immune system so great this time of year.


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