The tide is turning

I have been a bit neglectful of my blog due to life however something quite radical has occurred recently that I felt I had to share. My mum started composting! At her request! She has gone for the bokashi method which is really simple to do and easy to DIY your own.ย I am excited for my mum as bokashi composting was my family’s first step in significantly reducing our waste.

You can buy bokashi buckets systems from hardware stores or you can make your own. To make bokashi bins you will need two buckets the same size and one will require an airtight lid. Drill holes evenly dispersedย at the base of one bucket. The bucket with holes will sit inside the other bucket with the airtight lid. For instructions on how to use here is a good link. Or if you live in Auckland The Compost Collective have great workshops that are free to attend and offer a discount upon attending a workshop to purchase a commercially available compost system.

Whether you choose traditional composting / worm farm / bokashi you have made the first step in reducing landfill and use of resources, as well as creating your own eco-system – your garden will love the benefits of composting.

Update on mum – she is now composting all her food waste! Iย help her out by takingย her full bucket to the community garden where I either bury it in the soil or add it to the compost bins. And as you can see from the picture below her many pot plants are reaping the rewards from the bokashi juice that is collected.

A small portion of her pot plants on the deck aka ‘the jungle’

Composting is the right thing to do with organic waste and even ladies who like to grow flowers and enjoy a bit of retail therapy every now and then are getting on board.