2017 begins

Happy new year everyone!

Thanks for following my waste-less journey if you are a regular reader or if you are a first time visitor thanks for stopping by!

I have begun 2017 with a bit of  a switch around of inside and outside of the house. Our new year was spent changing the kids rooms around and everything that goes with that – cleaning, sorting, paring down and arranging. The two little ones are now sharing a room so the nine year old can be left in tween peace.

Nena getting her things sorted thanks to a little upcycling!

A friend who has many years experience in horticulture was kind enough to assess my property and advise on planting that has spurred me into action. Our to do list for outside involved putting together raised beds in an area that is better suited to our outdoor living as well as being in a better position to the kitchen and sun. A productive garden not only provides a source of food but also provides a ‘waste’ solution by the means of a compost for our kitchen and garden waste.


Max picked up a wooden box on the side of the road that he sawed into 3 that I am using for my raised beds. I have begun to layer the beds with cardboard, lucerne straw, bokashi, compost, comfrey leaves and coffee grounds that will hopefully all break down into some great soil ready for planting in autumn. I also picked up two steel gates from the side of the road that I will attach to one of the beds and the deck to serve as a trellis. The side of the road has served me well!


I will mulch around the beds to keep the weeds out and to cut down on overall maintenance of the grass. I also have do some work to do in the periphery garden that I haven’t paid much attention to over the years. I will start with mulching and adding compost once I have some to help bring the soil quality up then begin to add native plants to achieve a lush border.

Sandwich garden -Pictured is the start of the one of the raised beds: thick layer of cardboard followed by a layer of lucerne straw

My lovely husband built me a two bay compost from pallets that has replaced my circular wire compost which did the job but was a bit of a challenge to turn. I love my new compost and it will be integral to providing nutrients back into the garden. From experience, talking to others and reading, compost – made on site is vital to a garden succeeding. I guess it has something to do with the microbes all working together in an ecosystem – like familiar friends kicking off where they left off.


So this is the last season my vegetable garden that has served me for 4 years will exist. Once the summer crops are over I will take the edging away and let the grass grow over. I am now in the process of planting fruit trees down the back of our property. It will be a little sad to say goodbye to this patch however the soil has never been that great and it is  a struggle to keep the kikuyu at bay.

A braebaurn apple tree (next to the bamboo trellis) that I grafted is the first to go in to my soon to be backyard orchard

I will you keep you updated on my new garden and fruit forest. As always waste reduction continues to underpin my day to day life and I try best to share my experiences on this blog. However I am much more active on my instagram account so you may want to check it out and hit the follow button.

Happy new year everyone!

6 thoughts on “2017 begins”

    1. Yes the bananas are very handy for compost, eating and using the trunks for lining areas in the garden. I have started to plant some pups along the fence line to begin my little orchard as they are fast growing. Thanks for reading and happy new year!


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