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Oh wow! My second post for 2017 is at the end of the year. What a bad blogger I am! I have been so time poor this year meaning I had to drop a few things I do on the side of normal life. So to end the year here is a post to sign off 2017 and hopefully I can find time in 2018 for a bit of me time that includes writing! Happy New Year to everyone that follows this neglected but well meaning blog. x Candace

I have been sitting on this post for a while now and it has gone through many changes during this time. I started this post sharing apologetically how my zero waste journey had taken a wee detour because we are recycling more due to our busy family life of 3 kids, full time and part time jobs plus other responsibilities.

Our enthusiasm for zero waste has not subsided but our windows of time for going the extra zero waste mile has subsided. We are hoping that it is just a wee detour and we will back on track soon.

However I started to ponder was this confession encouraging to other families? Our family has definitely been the high scale of zero waste – avoiding waste from the outset : see post A month in, lessons learnt.

Now with two toddlers on the go and a social butterfly tween, myself picking up some more part time work, a husband who works full time and studies part time, life is busier then ever.

So rather apologizing for recycling more –  at the moment it is what is keeping us sane and zero waste – (depending on your definition). So this post is to highlight some recycling options that you may or may not know about that we have tried and tested.


Kerbside Recycling:

These items make up the most of our kerbside recycling:

Tetra packs (plant milk)



Recycling tip: put metal bottle caps into a can with a lid to contain before putting into recycling bin.


Soft plastic Recycling

Available at most supermarkets where I live. They are located near the entrance of the stores.

Polystyrene Recycling

We bought new appliances. It felt weird to buy new but time and money over -ruled! We recycled the polystyrene at Ecomatters which is a great place to visit. There is a bike kitchen there on Saturdays and a garden across the road which is nice to take the kids through.


Nena at Ecomatters recycling our polystyrene from some new appliances, the lovely Barb in the background.

Toothbrush Recycling

We go back and forth between plastic toothbrushes and bamboo ones, (we gave miswak sticks a go but not really suitable for the kids!). When we use plastic toothbrushes we use Preserve toothbrushes bought from Huckleberry Farms. We have a bag in the bathroom for old toothbrushes and tubes that we take to a nearby drop off, last time we did it at Ecomatters when we did the polystyrene recycling.




E-Waste Recycling

A local op shop recycles old mobile phones or else we keep a look out for the E-Waste recycling service that pops up every now and then at a nearby suburb.

Salvation Army Store Panmure

Recycling Food Waste aka Composting

Composting diverts around 5-10kg of kitchen scraps from landfill at our place. Kitchen scraps such as fruit and vegetable peelings, coffee and tea grinds. They are recycled into compost for my garden! The best type of recycling in my opinion! And the easiest!


If you are a busy family like us and the most convenient time for grocery shopping is a Saturday night then relax and recycle. Recycling is not perfect but sometimes convenience is just what a busy family needs sometimes to keep things flowing.

Useful Links:

Making The Most of Waste  (Auckland kerbside recycling checklist)



Toothbrush & toothpaste tube collection

Recycle Auckland App

Compost Collective


Soft Plastic Recycling











2 thoughts on “Relax & Recycle”

  1. Thanks Candace. Its a bit of work to be sure and life always seems busier than we want it to be. I like the quote from Dr Libby Weaver. Its not what we do occasionally that matters, but what we do mostly. I have learn’t a lot from you. Keep up the good work!


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