Waste-Less Living Definition: Living or working towards making less waste. Living meaningfully, avoiding wastefulness.

My name is Candace and I live in the suburb of Glen Innes in Auckland, New Zealand. I have three children and my husband and I are passionate about bringing up our family in a way that minimises waste in relation to the environment and behaviour.

I began this blog in 2014 on a whim and without a true understanding of what I thought I was wanting to convey. I threw the words ‘sustainable’ and ‘healthy’ around in early blog posts that were, upon reflection, misinformed. It was not until I began my journey into the realm of waste minimisation that I could grasp a deeper understanding of these two words that continues to develop and evolve.

My journey has taken me out of my comfort zone and given me a quality of life that I couldn’t have dreamt of, or thought I would ever deserve. This blog is for people would like to take the step into waste-less living. I will strive to give practical advice, tips and food for thought for everyday people and families.

My family. (photo credit: Rolf Siggard)

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